Rustic furniture "How To"

Drawknife & tenon cutter demonstrationStubai Drawknife

Using a drawknife isn't rocket science, but if one has never seen it demonstrated, one can chew-up a lot of logs or branches learning which side of the knife shaves bark and which side embeds itself in the wood.

Tenon Cutters available in many sizesLikewise, using a tenon cutter requires no university degree, but like most things, a quick demonstration can save hours of experimenting and ruined stock. This was the premise of my video (above).  The tenon cutters pictured at right are what I use for my projects.  They are affordable, quality tools and I highly recommend them.  Learn more..

Got glue?

They come in various colors, viscosities, drying time and degrees of stickiness.  Glues are (excuse the pun) what holds things together!  There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to glues and what they are designed to bind.  One relatively newcomer on the market is Gorilla Glue. I love this adhesive, but it can be tricky to work with; watch this short clip and see how NOT to use Gorilla Glue

If your project requires strong joints or needs to be weatherproof, there is nothing better, but don't use this to join the boards of your mahogany dining table together until you've experimented with it.  Its strength is also its weakness in that it expands to fill cracks and crevices and this oozing is not "stain friendly".  Learn more Gorilla Glue here!