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The mortise and tenon joinery method produces one of the strongest joints in woodworking for angled joints (i.e. chair styles, door members, etc.). The "male" part of the joint is called the "tenon" and the "female" member (the hole cut into the wood) is the "mortise". The joining of these two pieces is usually made permanent by gluing, pinning (doweled), or wedged. A mortise can be open on one end (exposed or through) or completely hidden (blind). The tenon is typically longer than its width. The dovetail joint is also a form of mortise and tenon joinery.

"Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all."
~ Thomas Carlyle in 1833.

Mortise and tenon joinery has been passed down through the ages. It is one of the oldest methods of joining wood developed centuries before metal was used as a fastener.  Most people think of a mortise and tenon joint as a square peg in a square hole, but they are also round pegs in round holes (i.e. chair stiles and rungs).

New video uploaded... if you have ever wondered if those tenon cutters that fit on the end of a drill work as advertised, you'll want to see this short DIY video clip.  I just uploaded a video demonstrating the use of a drawknife and tenon cutters for making rustic and log furniture. See the tenon cutter at work here...

Making Mortise-and-Tenon Joints with Frank Klausz (Fine Woodworking DVD Workshop) showing three techniques to chop mortises: by hand with chisel; using a plunge router with a jig; and with a hollow chisel mortiser on a drill press. Get the inside scoop on the proper way to make these joints. This is an excellent video for the novice or the experienced woodworker.

Tenon CuttersMortise and tenon joinery is also used in post and beam (or timberframe) building construction and in most log homes. We feature a number of tenon cutters for the hobbyist or professional woodworker. Check out our recommended tenon cutters here.

The Wood Whisperer has a great video about how to make a mortise and tenon joint using power tools.  This is part of his video podcast that offers a refreshing look at an age-old craft. The author delivers solid woodworking advice with a sense of humor.

Our listing of mortising tools and tenon cutters continues to grow. Be sure to browse our recommendations and compare prices, the features you need and quality of tools. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art tilting hollow chisel mortiser (with stand), you gotta see this...